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AYSS member agents and other agents globally together with YAG WhatsApp Captain’s groups bringing you valuable real time information about Port and bureaucratic restrictions. This is a true team effort and many thanks to all who have done so and continue to contribute.
Stay Safe out there.

NOTE: All Information is at time of date stamp. All information subject to rapid change as situations develop. Always contact a local agent.

ALBANIA – Agent – Jelja – Saranda
25/03/2020 In Albania, the restrictions change almost every day regarding boarders. So far the restrictions are for passenger ships. Regarding superyachts if their visit is only for bunkering and there is no need for the crew to step out of the yacht, the agent prepares a formal request to the port authorities (providing detailed information about the crew and yacht last ports) and they reply within a few days letting you know whether the yacht can come to the Albanian port or not.

Bejaia Agent – Khelaf Abdiche – Seybouse3
27/03/2020 Ports still open for cargo ships/yachts, no ferries, but crew changes prohibited,
A medical service is boarding at anchorage for control & if any suspected crew it can be quarantined.

ANTIGUA Nick Line – Anchor Consierge
30/03/2020 Antigua is Closed. Airport is Closed
ALL inbound pleasure crafts (motorized and sailing yachts), passenger vessels and ferries will be denied entry into Antigua and Barbuda for a period of fourteen (14) days (from 29 March 2020)
During the State of Emergency all cruise permits already issued to visiting yachts are now restricted
only to the coastal waters of Antigua and shall cease to apply to coastal waters of Barbuda.
Curfew – 08:00 hrs. to 06:00 hrs all vessels and tenders are to be confined to an established mooring position.

26/03/2020 Yachts not allowed to clear in, only forced call if they are coming from abroad and they must be under quarantine.

ARUBA, BONAIRE & CURACAO Agent – Dammers – Mega yachts are temporarily prohibited from calling our ports. Cruise calls are prohibited as well.Port traffic is temporarily restricted to essential calls only (cargo loading/unloading, bunkers, repairs, etc). Hence, Crew changes are prohibited. For vessels in port, crew to remain on board. In case of emergency, calls will be considered.
Agent Aruba – Maduro & Sons
Port is closed for ships, with the exception of container ships.
Airport will only accept cargo flight, and commercial flight arriving to either bring locals, or take tourist back.

AUSTRALIA – Sydney – Geoff Major  Cairns – Carrie – Carter Marine
30/03/2020 Australia- all ports are now closed to all vessels except Commercial ships.
All Visas applications will no longer be granted.
Yacht crew already in Australia will have their visas extended if needed.
Visiting Yachts already in Australia will have their Cruising permits extended if required.
Australian Citizens cannot leave Australia.
Foreign crew can leave the country.
Australian Nationals can still return to Aus.
All Crew in vessels moving across State borders must conduct 14 days isolation

AZORESMid Atlantic Yacht Services Duncan Sweet
20/03/2020Current situation at Port of Horta, Faial, Azores:
Large yachts being handled by Mid Atlantic YS must provide NoA documents well in advance of arrival, preferably prior to foreign departure. Fuel, water and provisions readily available with our support and depending prior arrivals, commercial traffic and prevailing weather conditions. No crew allowed ashore/confined to the vessel for the duration of their visit. Please contact us for further details and requirements, Duncan Sweet (mays at and Ilda Vieira (ilda.vieira at
Cruising yachts: Must not come alongside any quay without prior approval. Upon arrival must contact Horta Marina on VHF Ch. 10 to check in with full vessel details. You will be given further instructions by Horta Marina personnel. Fuel, water, provisions and gas bottle refills readily available, but, no crew allowed ashore/confined to the vessel for the duration of the visit. Mid Atlantic can assist with provisions and with gas bottle refills on a boat by boat basis.

24/03/2020 Lockdown – 24 Hr Curfew effective 0900 today 24 March through 30 April Emergency Powers COVID-19 No. 2 – Order 2020 – Extended

27/03/2020 Closed to all except Cargo vessels, from March 27th until April 14th 2020.

24/03/2020 closed to arrivals by land, sea or air.

Antwerp – Port of Antwerp

BERMUDA Mark Soares Bermuda Yacht Services
Closed to all yacht traffic

BRAZIL Adam – Brazil Yacht Services
23/03/2020 Ports are still open
25/03/2020 Recife: Crew can not go ashore and crew changes are prohibited.
27/07/2020 Borders closed. No foreigners permitted entry into the country for 30 days.

BVI’s  – Lenin Amadiz –Shore Side Services 
28/03/2020 All Ports of entry closed until further notice. Vessels are free to leave but not enter.
Curfew 27th. March – 02 April 20:00 hrs – 06:00 hrs

St John’s Newfoundland – Harbour Authority
Foreign Flagged Vessels regardless of GRT
1. Foreign flagged ships are to ensure that all required components of the 96-hour and 24-hour Pre-Arrival Inspection Report (PAIR) are completed in accordance with section 221 of the Marine Transportation Security Regulations (MTSR);
2. Vessel Masters with crew members and passengers symptomatic of the Coronavirus are to advise TC Marine Safety and Security following transmission of the 96-hour PAIR;
3. As to vessels with symptomatic crew members or passengers, TC Marine Security Inspectors will advise PHAC officials, which will follow up directly with the vessel;
4. Based on the information provided in No.3 above, PHAC will provide follow-on directions;
5. In the event that PHAC determines that a crew member or passenger onboard a vessel is at risk, TC Marine Safety and Security, in coordination with PHAC, will provide notification to others on a required basis (including, but not limited to, Canadian Coast Guard, Pilotage Authorities, TC Marine Safety, SJPA, CBSA, etc.);
6. Based on the determination in No. 5, should the vessel be granted permission to enter the Port of St. John’s by the appropriate regulatory authorities, then the SJPA will enact its own emergency response plan and/or applicable protocols in coordination with PHAC and TC

Vancouver – Agent – Jamie – Northwest Yacht Support
2020.03.22 Borders are closed also to Marine traffic too

CABO VERDE – Agent – Navex
Ports in Santiago, São Vicente, Sal and Boa Vista Islands remain operational to receive superyachts which are subject to Health Authority inspection upon arrival.
24/03/2020 Mindelo ex Marina Mindelo
At the moment, because of the Covid-19 situation, no yachts are allowed to enter Marina Mindelo without prior contact with the Maritime Police and the Ministry of Health staff.
You can contact them on channel VHF 16. If you are in Mindelo Bay, you risk being quarantined

Thomas Miranda SASYSS
26/03/2020 Borders are closed. Curfew 2200 hrs until 0500 hrs. Santiago, Chiloe Island, Easter Island and Puerto Williams are on strict quarantine.  Yachts not allowed to clear in, only forced call if they are coming from abroad and they must be under quarantine.

Cartagena das Indias – Wiliam Royo – White Light Closed to all sea and air arrivals. No passangers at all.
After the 13th of April the authorities will reasses.

COSTA RICA – Dan – Marina Papagayo 
27/03/2020 Marina Papagayo is open for business. Costa Rica has closed the borders until April 12th.
Yachts already in Costa Rica prior to the closure can stay and / or depart if they wish.
Crew located here are free move about although Captains are keeping them restricted to the immediate area to reduce risk.
We are optimistic the Government here will reopen the borders on April 12th
28/03/2020 1-All tourists, no matter their nationality, all those who arrived at Costa Rica after December 17th have their tourist visa automatically valid until May 17th, 2020
2-Private foreign flagged yachts can extend their temporary import permission until May 17th, however they must prepare a formal request several days before the expiration date.

CUBA – Maria Romeu – Concierge Cuba
25/03/2020 As advised by Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba: Cuba is closed
We hereby wish to inform all cruise ship associations and yachtsmen that the official information confirms that no foreign pleasure vessels will be allowed to enter Cuban marinas and ports from 00 hours onwards.
Foreign vessels docked in Cuban marinas must immediately create the conditions to leave the country as soon as possible.

DENMARK – Anders – TR Shipping 
25/03/2020 All borders closed since 14. March 2020 and so far until 13. April 2020. Except for Danish citizens holding a valid passport, all other nationalities should expect to be denied entrance to Denmark unless they can prove to have a commendable purpose.

Andrew O’Brian –  Cobra
29/03/2020 All ports have been closed (with few emergency and commercial exceptions)

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Agent Wendy Morales – Dominican Republic Yacht Services
24/03/2020 Declaration of state of emergency – Borders are closed since March 19-April 3rd.
All restaurants closed to public, delivery only. Remains open all supermarkets, hospitals and pharmacies.
General population under social isolation.
Curfew from 20:00 hrs to 06:00 hrs

ECUADOR – Antonio – Seamasters
Country boarders are Closed for all arrivals air, land and sea. No Domestic flights.
Galapagos Islands, restricted entry in place until April 5th.

EGYPT – Agents – Felix Marine 
27/03/2020 All convoys are still working in Suez Canal.
Regarding procedures , for both Super and small yachts are required quarantine and all crew members have a yellow fever certificate.
All Airlines in Egypt are currently suspended so there is no possibility to flying into and out from Egypt.
Shipments can still be sent and received but will take longer.
As for the situation inside Egypt, there is a curfew from 7pm to 6 am

2020.03.22 Met a family sailing that tried to stop in El Salvador a couple days ago, they got turned around and escorted out by the marines and told to continue to Mexico

FALKLANDS Russel Morrison – Sulivan Shipping
23/03/2020 Government say vessels must have had at least 10 days since their last port/contact and will consider requests on a case by case basis.

Marseille – ATL Mediterranee     Cannes & Monaco – Catalano
28/03/2020 Lockdown extended to 15 April
All ports are closed – no arrival or departure are accepted. Only Yacht with long term contract are allowed to arrive.
Ad Hoc request can be done for Yacht that have to leave to the local authorities.
No anchorage is allowed in French or Monegasque waters.
Crew holding EU Passport are allowed to circulate. No non EU passport holder are allowed in. Departure can be organized only for exceptional reason.
Cannes Film – LIONS postponed – Monaco MIPM & GP cancelled

26/03/2020 Gibraltar is currently on full lockdown although all maritime activities, however NO crew changes are being allowed. Crew are not allowed to come ashore.
Vessels will have to advise agents soonest prior arrival as they will need to fill out an MDH and a COVID19 public health questionnaire which will determine if they are allowed entry.
Most yachts are arriving, taking on fuel, stores, spares and sailing to their next destination.
24/03/2020 The Alcaidesa Marina the other side of the Gibraltar airport in La Linea de la Concepción has a few berth available and was open for business yesterday with the same limitations as the rest of Spain per the Social Decree.

GREENLAND as advised by TR Shipping, Denmark
Greenland has to close all its borders, and it is not possible for foreign ships to enter any port unless they have a worthy purpose.
In practice, this means that no cruise ships or yachts can enter Greenland at this time.
The restrictions run until April 13, but can be extended if the authorities find it necessary.
However, we have been told that the authorities will take it step wise, so you do not go out and close all season as you have done in Arctic Canada

GRENADA Email Philippa – Superyacht Services Grenada aka Spronks
25/03/2020 as of tonight, Grenada is in a (21-day) State of Emergency.
All seaports are closed to regional, international or private boating. No person shall be allowed to disembark, even those in transit.
Vessels are allowed to leave Grenada. A curfew is in place between 1900 – 0500.

24/03/2020 The island has been closed since 15 March. No arrivals permitted from sea or Air Several evacuation flights have left to the USA, Canada and other points. The island is also keeping Honduran Citizens out. As of yesterday, no cases of the virus have been reported and 13 people have been tested.
The Island government provides daily online briefings by the Governor on Facebook, very informative.
Most airlines will not return to service here until at least May.

HONG KONG – Agent:
27/03/2020 all arrivals from abroad electronically tagged to monitoring movements. All arrivals from abroad go into 2 weeks home quarantaine.
Yachts arriving will need to stay at anchor for 2 weeks.
They can get deliveries and can ask permission to go somewhere if necessary (doctor visit for example).

INDIA – Aashim Mongia – Sea Waif
27/03/2020 We have a nationwide border closure with all airports closed.
Ports are open but crew are not allowed to go ashore. Yachts with Indian crew are being allowed to return to india but on arrival it is a 14 day quarantine.
All cruise ships and yachts visits are cancelled for all visiting vessels. At least till the 14th April and possibly longer.
All flights have stopped only a rescue flights operating departures per week.
Freight can still be sent and received but arrival times are slower than usual.
General domestic travel restricted as per movement control orders. Interstate travel only allowed if permission granted.

INDONESIA – Andy Shorten – Lighthouse Consultancy
26/03/2020 We have completed both International arrival and departure clearances and domestic clearance since current guidelines have been enforced. These being:
Visa on Arrival and Visa Exemption cancelled for 30 days.
Pre arranged visas still possible however requires application at Indo embassy overseas prior to arrival, with a health certificate
Vessels arriving for international and domestic clearances required to anchor first then subject to Quarantine temperature testing prior to moving alongside for additional CIQ.
National monuments closed, meaning national parks of Komodo, Cendrawasih Bay and Raja Ampat. Also not allowed on shore in many other cruising areas due to concerns from local communities.
Bali Governor requesting everyone remain at home where possible, while not enforced as yet, many restaurants have closed / switched to delivery only.
Many smaller ports temporarily closed to international visitors – Sorong, Ambon, I believe Labuan Bajo being most prominently used in yachting.
Provisioning, bunkers and clearances still possible at present but becoming more challenging
Yachts are self isolating.
01/04/2020 from Jimmy Blee – Asia Pacific All visa types will get automatically get extended for 30 days and possible again as needed with NO overstay implications.
This only applies to visa where there are no more extensions possible.
Foreigners are not allowed to enter Indonesia unless they are diplomatic or holding a residency (KITAS, KITAP).

ITALY  – San Remo – All Services
26/03/2020 Sardinia ex Nautica Assistance
Vessel traffic is only permitted to commercial vessels transporting goods until further notice
Therefore, yachts can reach our ports only as first port of call approaching European waters.
After following all new clearance procedures related to medical state on board, and only after approval of entry by Maritime Health Authorities yachts will be able to dock.
Crews will be obliged to spend 14 days of quarantine onboard, and afterwards all crew members will have to follow the last Italian government decree which restricts circulation ashore (only for provisioning and medical needs).
Boats will not be able to move to any other port until further notice.
28/03/2020 The whole country is in lockdown at the moment.
Ports are still operating but the movement of a commercial Yacht is restricted as well as crew movements;
Crew are allowed to go ashore just for specific reasons such as:
– Proven working demands
– Health reasons
– Return to domicile, home or residence.
– Situation of need
In order to contain the spread of the epidemiological emergency from codiv-19, all people entering Italy, by air, rail, sea and road transport, even if asymptomatic, are obliged to immediately communicate their entrance in Italy to the Maritime Health Office and they are subject to a self-isolation for a period of 14 days.
All the Shipyard are closed until further notice
Most of the air / rail travel is stopped

30/03/2020 All ports are closed.

MADEIRA – Lino Ribeiro – JFM Shipping
28/03/2020 Funchal – 12th March, the President of the Madeira Government declared that all ports of Madeira Islands (Funchal and Porto Santo) are closed to all cruise ships and yachts until 31st March. Anchoring is also not authorized.
On 31st March, the Madeira Government together with the Health Authorities will reevaluate the situation and decide whether to remove the restriction or extend it to April.
Considering that the peak of the pandemic in Portugal is expected to be around mid or end April, we believe that the authorities will extend the restriction at least until 30th April.

MALAYSIA – Andrew Middleton – Super Yacht Support Asia
27/03/2020 Langkawi . We have a nationwide border closure on all visiting vessels. At least till the 14th April.
Most flights have stopped only a few departures per week.
Freight can still be sent and received duty free but arrival times are slower than usual.
General domestic travel restricted as per movement control orders. Interstate travel only allowed if permission granted.

Nash – Island Sailors    Abdullah – Maldive Yacht Support   Mohamed – Asia Pacific
30/03/2020 Maldives is in a lockdown. All permits for yachts and cruise ships has been suspended along with issuing of Inter Atoll Travel Permits till further notice.
Only cargo ships are allowed to call.
Immigration has suspended all on arrival visas since 27th March 2020 till further notice.
However special permits for emergencies are up to the Health Protection Agency to decide.

MALTA – Pierre – Melita Marine 
27/03/2020 All Harbours are closed for all types vessels, excluding cargo.
Airport is also closed except of repatriation of emergency. Not on lock down yet, but very restricted movement.
Shipyards are still operational for now

MARTINIQUE Douglas Yacht Services
28/03/2020 Foreign flagged private yachts can come to Martinique as long as they are not carrying passengers.
Commercial activities are allowed as long as there are no paying passengers on board.
Crew transfers are allowed via Paris with flights out at a rate of one every other day at the moment.

19/03/2020 Mark Drewelow: C2C   We have full time YachtAid Global staff in Puerto Escondido , Oaxaca state Mexico.
Today they started self quarantine at home for all residents. Repots from main Mexican ports is business as usual. Entry and Clearance today in Cabo was business as usual.
20/03/2020 US and Mexico eliminating non essential travel at border.
2020.03.23 UPDATE Port Captains can not Clear a Vessel to a port that is oficially closed; can clear to Ensenada, and from there they call CBP and if they grant them access then they can clear to San Diego, Ca.
20/03/2020 – Currently in Baja Sur, pretty normal down here, agent advised today zero reported cases still in the region, however I recon those numbers are dark as the testing here is still done Mex City as far as I can see. A few yachts in the area, most imposing a quarantine regime, us included.

Acapulco – 4/03/2020 Port Agent Navieras Asociadas – Jorge +52-1-744-439-4639 : Yachts may dock in Marina but may not disembark until after doctor’s authorization. Any crew with flu / sore throat / respiratory Proble, / Temperature – now or recent will not be allowed in the port.
25/03/2020 Confirm the port of Acapulco is open to receive ships in International navigation.
27/03/2020 Marine Entry and Clearance is ok, but now there is no disembarking crew to fly out.

Cabo San Lucas – Victor – Agencia Barreda
25/03/2020 we have been recieveing vessel in international navigation in the past days with no issues in Cabo, as long as health depatmetn official give vessel the ok that no one has sytoms,, on board. Imperative that vessel arrives and departs with same crew.
From IGY marina manager in Cabo San Lucas. The port is closed to all charter activities i.e. fishing charters, whale watching, cruising in the bay etc., however the port is still open to all vessels entering and departing the marina

Cancun – Miguel Pérez +52 19988452542.

Chiapas 24/03/2020 Spoke with the Harbor Master, he was just instructed to not allow docking, vessels can stay at anchor only.
25/03/2020 The Marina Chiapas manager, Memo, and his assistant, Rolf, helped us with all the inbound and outbound clearance paperwork.

Cozumel – David Estrella – – Verbal restriction from Harbor Master for a foreign vessels, but if is something required, must to send me in advance the requests with the following information:
Health conditions on board, Maritime health declaration, Crew list, ships particulars, ETA, estimated time of stay in the port.
This is in order to request the authorization for the arrival in Cozumel with International Health and Port authorities, after receive the answer from local authorities will notify accordingly.

Huatulco – Turismo Nautico – Martin +52-1-958-587-6072
24/03/2020 Vessels can be cleared at anchor; Int. Health asks for the Declaration to state that none onboard have been in, traveled from or through countries with high number of cases. No crew
changes permitted.

La Paz – Yolanda Espinoza – Econaviera
24/03/2020 No crew changes can he done in Ports of Baja California Sur.
Revillagigedo National Park is closed temporarily.
24/03/2020 Mazatlan no crew changes

Puerto Vallarta – Juan Arias cell:+52 1 322 205 3504
19/03/2020 – Closed port to cruise ships- I’ll call port captain tomorrow to get latest update for yachts. In PV,state ordered all bars/nightclubs/ and restaurants closed
24/03/2020 PV port captain: Port is open as long as you travel between Mexican Ports, they can not Clear a vessel to an iternational port if that country has its borders closed, as USA???, French Polinesia, Panama (only for transit), not sure about Guatemala and Costa Rica

20/03/2020 Pretty quiet here as a total travel ban started a few days ago. Only a few cases of COVID19 so far but the neighbouring states don’t seem to be that well prepared.

NAMIBIA – Mike Spencer – Ocean Liner Services
2020.03.23 The Namibian government has declared a State of Emergency with closure of the majority of border posts.
The port authority has imposed various restrictions which inhibit many operations within port limits. See attached official statements.
The government has imposed travel restrictions which will unfortunately not permit crew changes to take place in Namibia until further notice.
Namibia Ports COVID 2020.03.20 and Namibia Ports 2020.03.17

Amsterdam – Port Authority
Rotterdam – Port Authority

NEW CALEDONIA – Hervé – Noumea Yacht Service
30/03/2020 Country is Closed to all Air and Marine Traffic. Possible emergency entry for bunkers or Hospital. No crew permitted ashore.

NEW ZEALAND – Ben  37South – &- Alison – Integrated Marine
27/03/2020…. Currently in Auckland and the lockdown started on 26th and is in place for 4 weeks. No foreign nationals allowed in by sea or air apart from essential profession

PANAMA Alex Risi Associated Yacht Services
20/03/2020 14 day quarantine for arriving vessels
20/03/2020 Curfew in all the Republic of Panama remains in effect from March 18th, from 2100 hours to 0500 hours.
23/03/2020  All International flights From/To Panama will be suspended for a period of 30 days.
Only authorized flights will be Cargo, Humanitarian and domestic flights.
31/03/2020  Pleasure and commercial yachts will be allowed to arrive Panama to transit the Panama Canal. They must remain anchored waiting their turn to commence Canal transit (present delays for unbooked vessels about 2 – 3 days). Yachts will not be allowed to enter any marina or dock and the use of the tender is not authorized.
Fuel is available by barge at the explosives anchorage and if provisions are required a commercial launch can be arranged.
No Crew changes authorised.
All Ports located in Cristobal will be in Security Level 2 from 2000 hours March 29th until 2300 hours May15th.
Canal Authority announces no boat under 65ft will be transited (to be revised 06 April).

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Angela  – Melanesian Yacht Services
2020.03.24 Craig de Witt – Golden Dawn State of emergency no internal or domestic flights.
No new shipping traffic allowed to enter over the next two weeks

26/03/2020 Yachts not allowed to clear in, only forced call if they are coming from abroad and they must be under quarantine.
Peru has closed all international travel in and out of the country

PORTUGAL – Paul or Andrew – Amundsen Marine
27/03/2020 Essential port calls only If for some reason a vessel needs to call a 14 quarantine will be enforced.
Only comercial ports are open with all the Marinas colosed.
Anchorages are open for shelter or receiving essencial supplies such as Medicines, Provisions or Bunkers.

SAMOA from Scott – Custom Logistics – Lock down – Closed – instructed boats to come into port after 29 April, Crew and passengers must have MMR certificates on file

SEYCHELLES – Christophe – Hunt Deltel 
Closed to all non-container foreign going maritime traffic

20/03/2020 Fang – Singapore Superyachts
Singapore port is open. Vessels or crew that have been to mainland China, Korea, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Spain in the past 14 days will not be allowed to land.
Vessel or crew arriving from all other countries who wish to land will have to serve 14 day Stay Home Notice.
This is the port circular coming to effect at 2020.03.20 Singapore Port Control
20/03/2020 From today incoming yachts will need to Quarentine out in the Anchorage for 14 day before applying to come ashore.
Incoming crew by air must serve their 14 day “stay at home notice” in a hotel.

SOUTH AFRICA – Dave Elton – Del Shipping
27/03/2020  Entire lockdown 21 days.
No international tourists allowed in or out or SA citizens for that matter. Cruise ships banned. Commercial shipping carries on with minimal people contact.
No crew changes allowed at all unless medical emergency. Opl activity allowed for stores and provisions only. No shore leave permitted.
Visiting yachts may be allowed with prior planning but not guaranteed.
26/03/2020 Minister of Transport – All international and domestic flights are prohibited, irrespective of the risk category of the country of origin.
If arriving during this period, contact agent for up to date Port Health restrictions etc.These are changing on almost a daily basis

SPAIN Barcelona – Miguel – Estela Shipping Barcelona
Palma de Mallorca – Francesco – Estela Shipping Palma
Ceuta – Strait Superyacht / Incargo
Las Palmas – Domingo – Incargo – Las Palmas
29/03/2020 The Governmental decree has differing interpretations. Non essential activities are restricted, including charter and private use of boats, but each port has different restrictions.
The request for an exception for entry into the port of a pleasure craft shall be made through the PORT AUTHORITY of the province where the port in question is located.
Contact your agent.
Baleares are closed.  Not permitted, for any yacht to enter in a marina or leave the islands. The Government may authorize disembarking only for exceptional humanitarian & medical reasons.
Barcelona and Port Tarraco are allowing yacht to arrive in the marinas.
Canary island ports of Las Palmas and Tenerife are open 24 hours if any need for a transit call of bunkering
Ceuta is in full lockdown and frontiers with mainland Spain and Morocco are closed. Only Ceuta residents are allowed to enter.
Melilla – Spanish enclave in Morocco is open to Yachts arriving Transatlantic.

SRI LANKA – Agent – Vin Ocean
The Govt has not officially banned arrival of Yachts. However, Health Authorities are implementing the same regulations in place for Cruise Liners for Yachts too.
A Curfew has been declared in the entire Island from last Friday 20th March which is still in force until further notice.
1) Airport is Closed for all Arrivals until 31st March ’20. Departures are permitted at the moment.
2) Issue of On Arrival as well as Online Visas have been suspended until 31st March ’20.
3) No Passengers or Crew are permitted to Disembark from the Vessel/Yacht while in Port.
4) Crew Changes are banned until further notice
5) Removal of Garbage is also permitted on a case by case basis upon approval of the Port Health Officers if the vessel is inside Port only. (subject to offices open as a result of the Curfew in force).
6) Arriving Vessels / Yacht are permitted to receive supplies such as Fuel & Provisions (subject to shops open as a result of the Curfew in force).
Supply of Fuel takes place at Colombo Off Port Limits (OPL)
Embarkation / Disembarkation of Security Teams takes place at Galle Off Port Limits under strict procedures & surveillance of the Galle Port Health Office & the Sri Lanka Navy Galle Division.

ST. LUCIA – All ports (air and sea) closed to foreign vessels

ST. MAARTEN – Kass – Dockside   & Lucille – BWA
29/03/202 Border closed to all but larger yachts passing through to fuel and depart.
Note that the airport is also closed except for outbound passengers only with the exception of emergency medical cases or government requested specialists as well as cargo planes.
St. Maarten residents are no longer allowed back on the island until further notice. Government Notice 25 March

Grenadines – Erika’s – Heather Grant    have a daily info letter on request
26/03/2020 Vessels with persons arriving or recently on-board from the USA, Canada, UK and EU need to be quarantined for 14 days.
27/03/2020 Entry at Bequia, Canouan & Union Island  closed With Immediate Effect and this is The Reason.
Entry is only permitted at Kingston, Blue Lagoon and Wallilabou.
All vessels to produce SVG maritime declaration of health (pdf).
29/03/2020 Mustique added to the list of seaport closures.
30/03/2020 Guests/Crew arriving on the vessel will NOT quarantine aboard the vessel but ashore.

TAHITI – Pascual – Seal Superyachts
24/03/2020 All airlines are shutting down this week for a month, cargo will be no longer coming by Air, sea freight is still coming in.
See 24 March Tahiti – Directive (1) (pdf)
28/03/2020 UPDATE French Polynesia Lockdown extended to 15 April.
All ports are closed – Only Yachts already at sea on long passage are allowed to clear in. Yachts already at anchorage are not allowed to move or cruise to the other islands.
Leisure craft currently at sea are allowed to stop in Papeete under certain conditions and must contact the authorities prior to their arrival
48h before arrival the captain must contact JRCC and describe the health situation of Crew
Passengers and crew members are not authorized to disembark and go on shore
Leisure crafts currently moored in French Polynesian waters are allowed to stay.
Sailing inside French Polynesian waters is strictly prohibited for all leisure crafts
24/03/2020 From a Captain: 24/03/2020 I have heard rumours of yachts and smaller cruising boats being received by hostile population in the outer islands and atolls, particularly The Tuamotos.

THAILAND – Gordon Fernandes Asia Pacific
26/03/2020 Phuket Yacht Control has closed this means that yachts are currently not able to check into Phuket at this stage no end date for the closure
Thailand Emergency decree started at midnight Wednesday (26Mar/00:01LT Thailand time).
An emergency decree, which includes a ban of foreigners entering Thailand, will be enforced across the country from Thursday Mar 26 until April 30.
The decree bans all foreigners from entry at all entry points – the exceptions being shippers, diplomats, drivers, pilots and others permitted by Prime Minister.
28/03/2020 see Phuket Yacht Haven advise from Duncan McGregor – Eclipse Marine Asia AYSS associate
29/03/2020 Phuket closed – all Ports of Entry and Exit. No more international flights

TRINIDAD – Annette Callender –
Borders are closed to nationals and visitors until further notice. No yachts are allowed entry, marinas are opened only to yachts already on the island.

TUNISIA – Mark – S&D Yachts
29/03/2020 Tunisia has closed its ports to visiting yachts

UAE  Mike – Superyacht Middle East  &  John – Kanoo Yacht
31/03/2020 Ports are now closed to arriving yachts

UNITED KINGDOM – Anne Carson – Super Yacht Services Falmouth
Ports are open. All vessels need to complete and present a UK Declaration of health official form
25/03/2020 Anne has advised all arriving yachts to make a spreadsheet of crew temperatures taken twice daily.
From : Port Health Office, The Docks, Falmouth
Updated advice for UK shipping and seaports
Port Health Team on: Tel: 01872 323090 Email: Port Health directory UK

URUGUAY  Agent JR WIlliams, Montevideo
2020.03.22 Uruguayan government is finalizing a procedure to allow disembarkation of passengers (only passengers as far as we know at the moment, not crew) which requires booked flights and a secure bus trip from vessel straight to airport. Any vessel including a superyacht can berth for provisioning/supplies/bunkers etc but nobody (passengers or crew) can get off the yacht. All clearance procedures are done remotely.

Mark Drewelow C2C
Kristi Chesher – BWA New England
Deb Radtke – American Yacht Agents
USSA Superyacht Corona Virus Resource Guide 
NOTE: If you have crew getting close to their exit date, that do not have the option of departing please file an I-539 extension of stay early.
19/03/2020 California STAY AT HOME ORDER. state wide action in the USA
19/03/2020 The US State Dept today issued a level 4 travel advisory which is suggestion of NO TRAVEL.
They also said for all USA citizens to get back to USA asap or prepare for potential long duration stay out of the country.
20/03/2020 Change-3_Novel-Coronavirus.pdf    This is from the USCG regarding Covid-19 and vessels entering the US. Predominately regarding commercial traffic but will probably be modified to include yacht traffic.
20/03/2020 USA Department of State just announced they are suspending visa services at Embassies and Consulates world wide
20/03/2020 “As resources allow, embassies and consulates will continue to provide urgent and emergency visa services. Our overseas missions will resume routine visa services as soon as possible but are unable to provide a specific date at this time,” the department said in the advisory on Friday.

Ft Lauderdale
20/03/2020 Use of ROAM app is acceptable, and any non-US crew will then have to report in person.
27/03/2020 Arrived Fort Lauderdale with 18 crew, We departed Gib on March 12, and waited the full 14 days self quarantine before attempting to enter the US.
Additional to our ENOAD I remained in telephone contact with CBP supervisor and USCG in order to ensure we would be granted entry.
I submitted our temperature log before arrival, that seemed to appease the authorities.
Upon arrival it was business as usual, normal procedure to clear in. Took the crew to the seaport office in Eller drive.
02/04/2020 We are continuing to have vessels arrive in FL with no issues. And WPB and PEV have allowed me to present just passports with no face to face. That could change depending on officer.

Hawaii – Honolulu
5/03/2020 ex Norman Cheu, Cel: (808) 216-4790 Anyone arriving into the State of Hawaii on and after Thursday, March 26, 2020 must self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.
U.S. Citizens will be allowed to disembark, however, must self-quarantine for the next 14 days.
Foreign crewmembers in possession of a valid and unexpired U.S. Visa will be mollified and their U.S. Visa nullified and ordered detained on board.
No repatriations of foreign crewmembers will be authorized due to the risk of spreading COVID-19 to other passengers within the airport terminal and/or to the general public.
Shore leave (Ships Business Parole) will only be authorized on a case by case basis and must be specific to the parole requested.
Shopping for provisions will NOT be allowed. Medical concerns will again be addressed on a case by case basis.
Approved paroles must have a time line and after completion of their business must immediately return to the vessel.
Joining Crew can be transferred directly from the airport to Vessel and self-quarantine onboard.
26/03/2020 Crew repatriation permitted.
There is no plans as we know of now to close any ports in Hawaii.

Miami-Dade – all Marinas and Boat Ramps are closed effective immediately.

San Diego Mark Drewelow C2C
24/03/2020 San Diego update. Business as normal with CBP marine entry and USCG concerns. in the last 3 days, C2C inc has completed full cbp marine entry in San Diego for yachts of 57m, 50m and 25m. No issues of any kind.

20/03/2020 Just cleared in to Savannah SYC Shipyard. Customs and immigration were business as usual as no cases in the area.
24/03/2020 Savannah, GA just issued a mandatory shelter in place directive. 24/03/2020 Savannah, GA just issued a mandatory shelter in place directive…
Thunderbolt Marine will stay open with a skeleton crew as an essential business.

Puerto Rico
20/03/2020 Puerto Rico has some fairly strong measures but access and clearance still possible, much like SD I think
20/03/2020 Borders are still open in St Thomas and St John

STT – St Thomas – Rob Carlin St Thomas Cargo and Ship Service
Local government has closed all bars and restaurants can only do take out, also closed all hotels, bed and breakfasts and no charters on any boats.
They are also talking about no allowing any flights in or out.
Yachts are still permitted to come and go but onion on board can not have visited any of the counties listed in the attachment in the last 14 days.

VANUATU – Justin – Seal Vanuatu
17/03/2020 Vanuatu closed to all foreign flag vessels for 60 days to be reviewed 17th April.