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AYSS member agents and other agents globally together with YAG WhatsApp Captain’s groups bringing you valuable real time information about Port and bureaucratic restrictions. This is a true team effort and many thanks to all who have done so and continue to contribute.
Stay Safe out there.                                          VANUATU NEEDS YOUR HELP

NOTE: All Information is at time of date stamp. All information subject to rapid change as situations develop. Always contact a local agent.

ALBANIA – Agent – Jelja – Saranda
06/08/2020 There are no restrictions regarding covid 19.
Neither quarantine nor PCR test is required for those coming into Albania regardless of their nationality.
Yachts are welcome to visit us for tourism, fuel, crew change, and EU exit formalities

Bejaia Agent – Khelaf Abdiche – Seybouse3
10/08/2020 Ports open for bunkers for cargo ships/yachts, no ferries.
Crew changes prohibited. IMO health certificate to be presented prior arrival.
No quarantine, a doctor control is done on arrival.

16.10.2020 Closed Looking to reopen beginning Nov.

ANTIGUA Nick Line – Anchor Consierge
16.10.2020 Contact your agent.
Authorized ports of entry are Nelson’s Dockyard and Jolly Harbour
All sea arrivals to have a Negative PCR Covid 19 test result within seven days prior to travel, though preference within 72 hours.
Yachts must submit Eseaclear declarations in advance of arrival
Upload health declarations for all people on board
Health Authorities will assess risk
Following arrival, daily monitoring and logging of temperatures and any signs or symptoms.
International airport is with similar requirements (negative PCR test within 7 days)

26/09/2020 Yachts not allowed to clear in, only forced call if they are coming from abroad and they must be under quarantine.

14/08/2020 Contact your agent:
Open now to the US and Europe as well as Canada.
Restricted from S. America, Dominican Republic and Haiti
Testing is mandatory.
Docking allowed on case by case basis.
Crew changes are possible subject flights available.
There is restricted travel between islands

AUSTRALIA – Sydney – Geoff Major  Cairns – Carrie – Carter Marine
19/06/2020 Yachts, Crew & Crew changes continue in Australia but special exemptions must be in place prior.
14 day isolation commences from the last port.
Approx. 4 week approval period for the exemption.
Crew Visas are also being processed.

AZORESMid Atlantic Yacht Services Duncan Sweet
06/08/2020 Horta and Ponta Delgada remain open and functional for fuel/water/provisions and critical/essential repairs.
All other ports in the Archipelago are closed to non-resident vessels unless Covid tests have been scheduled with local health authority and with Negative results.  Mariners are able to schedule Covid testing with Marina officials after anchoring upon arrival and making contact on VHF channel 16.
Covid tests are administered weekdays with results known within 24/36 hrs.
All transient crew are confined to the vessel for the duration of the visit until Covid test results are known.  Crew are then allowed ashore without restriction.
Movements between islands must be authorized by Marina/Port Authority and by Public Health officials.
If vessels are not intending to take Covid tests, vessels are allowed to anchor as instructed by Marina/Port Authority to await limited berthing for resupply available in a small quarantine area, again only with Port Authority authorization.
Crew changes are possible, but with additional measures in place for crew members arriving in the Azores Archipelago by air.

20/07/2020 UPDATE Private aviation and pleasure craft and yachts still permitted to enter and depart The Bahamas (except Grand Bahama).
International commercial flights will NOT be permitted to enter, except for flights from the UK, European Union and Canada, effective midnight Wednesday 22 July.
All crew and passengers must have a negative PCR COVID test prior to departing for the Bahamas. Vessels must pre register.
On GRAND BAHAMA: No international or domestic flights or sea vessels in or out of the island, except for emergency and essential purposes.
Updates: Association of Bahamas Marinas –  see Facebook.

09/09/2020 Open to foreign flagged vessels.
All visitors must take a Covid-19 test on arrival.

17/08/2020 The Barbados Port is open to all vessels.
Crew is permitted to disembark and go directly to the airport.
Crew can also fly into Barbados once they have done their PCR test no later than 72 hours prior to arrival.
Yachts can also receive bunkers, provisions etc.

BELIZECaroline at Ventura Yacht Agency
10/08/2020 Closed to arrivals by land, sea or air.

Antwerp – Port of Antwerp

BERMUDA Mark Soares Bermuda Yacht Services
17/08/2020 Open to Yachts and Private Jets.
Must take local Agent. Vessels must do Travel authorisation online.

BRAZIL Adam – Brazil Yacht Services
06/10/2020 Ports are open for Bunkers and Provisions.
Airports  open for International travel.
Entry by land, sea or waterway remains suspended for foreign travellers of any nationality.

BVI’s  – Lenin Amadiz –Shore Side Services  and Chris – Island Shipping.
26/10/2020 All Ports of entry still closed. Looking to Reopen 01 Dec.
Official announcement & protocols.

CABO VERDE – Agent – Navex and Marina Mindelo.
06/08/2020 Ports Open
Leisure calls: if a COVID-19 test with negative result will be presented to health authorities,
disembarking will be allowed by Cape Verdean authorities.
Flights have now resumed to Cape Verde (mostly from/to Lisbon).
For next couple of weeks we will need to double check permits but word is that we will get all clearance for crew changes.
As from 15/8, we expect flights to resume normally.

CANADA – Les – Premier Marine Services (E. Coast) and Jaime (W.Coast) – NorthwestYacht Support
14/08/2020 Canadian Ports of Entry remain closed to non-essential vessels and crew.

Current border restrictions Land, Sea and Air extended to 21 September.
Foreign flagged vessels (crew only, no passengers) requesting entry into Canada, for purposes of repair or repositioning, may be allowed entry subject to approval of the local CBSA offices.
Transiting vessels are not required to clear customs but must NOT touch Canadian soil or drop anchor.
Pilotage and VTS regulations still apply to all applicable vessels.

Thomas Miranda SASYSS
29/09/2020 Yachts are not allowed to clear in, only forced call if they are coming from abroad and they must be under quarantine.
Yachts are allowed to leave Chile if they so desire.
Bunkering and provisioning is working smoothly.
Crews are allowed to leave, but no inbound crews are allowed.

Cartagena das Indias – Wiliam Royo – White Light
14/10/2020 Cartagena, Santa Marta San Andres islas
Colombian North coasts are closed for yachts.
Authorities are planning to open these sea boarding for yachts by end of October but with some restrictions .

COOK Islands – (Rarotonga)
07/10/2020 Closed. Fishing and cargo vessels only.

COSTA RICA – Dan – Marina Papagayo 
14/10/2020  International visitors authorized as follows; Sea or Air:
All citizens and residents of USA as of Nov 1
All citizens and residents, Canada, Mexico, EU Schengen territory, UK, Uruguay, Jamaica, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, and the People’s Republic of China, Australia and New Zealand
C. America + Panama As of Oct. 15
Those who entered the country by sea from the list of permitted countries and who have not made a stopover elsewhere, should not be subjected to isolation if they have been sailing for more than 14 days. If the passengers do not have negative RT-PCR test taken 72 hours prior to departing, or they set sail in an unauthorized city or country, 14 days quarantine required – sea voyage time may be deducted.
Contact your agent .

CROATIAMYS Yachting and Danijela –
03/05/2020 open for all yachts, which must have berth booked in one of marinas or ports.
Yacht owners, close family members, charter clients and crew are allowed to arrive and embark. No quarantine.
Yachts are free to cruise along the coast.
Charter guests are required to have an official E-crew list and berth booking confirmation with them when arriving to Croatia.

CUBA – Maria Romeu – Cuba Luxury Expeditions.
27/10/2020 Cuba is still closed.
Looking to open in November

11/05/2020 – Closed Next announcement 20 May.

DENMARK – Anders – TR Shipping 
15/10/2020 Open. Changing on a weekly basis
Please contact Agent.

Andrew O’Brian – Cobra
10/09/2020 Open to visiting yachts. Please check with your agent.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Wendy Morales – Dominican Republic Yacht Services
16/10/2020  open for yachts and all international travel.
Contact your agent. 48hr. notice of arrival required

ECUADOR – Antonio – Seamasters

Galapagos Islands
08.07.2020 – Galapagos is officially open
Crew of arriving yachts need a COVID 19 test done in the last 48 hours before leaving last port
Guests flying on private plane a COVID 19 test done in the last 96 hours.
Plane lands on mainland Ecuador gets fumigated and after two hours carries on to Galapagos.
Guests can go directly to the yacht and start touring around with out any isolation needed.
Guests or crew coming on commercial planes to the mainland Ecuador,
Must make sure to get a connecting flight to Galapagos on the same day to fly to Galapagos once in the islands no social isolation needed
however if not getting a connecting flight in the same day then will need to stay 14 days social isolation at a local hotel in the mainland Ecuador.

EGYPT – Agents – Felix Marine 
15/05/2020 All convoys are still working in Suez Canal.
Regarding procedures , for both Super and small yachts are required quarantine and all crew members have a yellow fever certificate.
All Airlines in Egypt are currently suspended so there is no possibility to flying into and out from Egypt.
Shipments can still be sent and received but will take longer.

2020.03.22 Met a family sailing that tried to stop in El Salvador a couple days ago, they got turned around and escorted out by the marines and told to continue to Mexico

FALKLANDS Russel Morrison – Sulivan Shipping
18/05/2020 Government will consider requests on a case by case basis.

FIJI – Chase – Seal Superyachts
15/06/2020 Maritime borders open to Foreign Flagged vessels and Superyachts.
Only port of entry is Port Denarau Marina. Case by Case basis.
All visitors must download the careFIJI App to enter the country.
Contact your Agent. All visitors must download the careFIJI App.
Days at sea count against quarantine.

11/05/2020 Closed

FRANCE Marseille – ATL Mediterranee     Cannes – Catalano
17/08/2020 – Arrival in France :
The boat who are coming from the below country list need do to a PCR test (SWAB) at the arrival and stay in quarantine until the reception of the results :
South Africa, Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Equatorial Guinea, India, Israel / Palestinian Territories, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Lebanon, Madagascar, Maldives, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, Oman, Peru, Qatar, Dominican Republic, Serbia or Turkey
Regarding the Guests, they are still not allowed to be ashore on the EU area if they don’t have a “Stamp In” on their Visa or if they are not an EU Resident > So if they arrived with the boat they will be not legally allowed to be ashore
A Maritime declaration of health must to be sent 48 and 24 hours before the ETA of the boat

FRENCH POLYNESIA – Pascual – Seal Superyachts
Yachts are allowed to apply to sail to French Polynesia.
Pre-registration with the authorities is required.
Arrivals will undergo a PCR test before being allowed to go ashore.
The Air and sea links including yacht cruising between Tahiti and the other archipelagoes are restored.
14/08/2020 All arrivals by air must have Proof of an approved negative RT-PCR test
carried out within three days prior to international air departure.
Entry Application.

08/05/2020 Ports are open subject 24 hours notice and pre- approval.

31/07/2020 Port is Open.
Crew changes possible. Contact your agent.
Disembarking crew to confirm ‘free of any symptoms’ for past 14 days.
Incoming crew require testing.
BA flies 4 times a week to LHR from Gibraltar.

GREECE – Michalis Roditis Yachting
31/07/2020 Contact your Agent.
Please access following advisories.
Current regulations restrict entry for guests – not crew – according to nationality.
All EU residents, of both EU and non-EU nationality, plus the following non-EU nationals, can enter: Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Tunisia, Thailand, Uruguay and UAE.
Other nationalities may be able to enter after making an application to their local Greek consul citing personal or professional grounds.
2020.09.16 Sea Borders between: Albania and Greece as well as
Greece and Turkey will remain CLOSED till 30.09.2020

GREENLAND as advised by TR Shipping, Denmark
Greenland has to close all its borders, and it is not possible for foreign ships to enter any port unless they have a worthy purpose.
In practice, this means that no cruise ships or yachts can enter Greenland at this time.
The restrictions run until April 13, but can be extended if the authorities find it necessary. However, we have been told that the authorities will take it step wise, so you do not go out and close all season as you have done in Arctic Canada.

GRENADA Email Philippa – Superyacht Services Grenada aka Spronks
14/10/2020 Open – with minimum 7 days pre registration.
See: Mandatory pre-registration online.
Arrivals from approved countries in CARICOM travel bubble (currently Antigua/Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Montserrat,
St Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines) will require a PCR test, but NO quarantine is required.
For ALL other arrivals, a PCR test within 7 days of travel is required.

07.10.2020 Open for refuelling, overnight stays and provisions.

GUADELOUPEGuadeloupe Consierge
14/10/2020 Rules are valid until 31 October and will be updated.
If arriving from French islands or coming directly from EU:
Must provide attestation that nobody on board is sick and there has not been any contact with a known COVID case in the past 14 days.
If arriving from all other areas:
Permission must be requested in advance
Negative rt PCR test from within 72 hours required for all on board.

24/03/2020 The island has been closed since 15 March. No arrivals permitted from sea or Air Several evacuation flights have left to the USA, Canada and other points. The island is also keeping Honduran Citizens out. As of yesterday, no cases of the virus have been reported and 13 people have been tested.
The Island government provides daily online briefings by the Governor on Facebook, very informative.
Most airlines will not return to service here until at least May.

HONG KONG – Sytske –
26/07/2020 Foreign flagged vessles welcome in HKG.
Mandatory Quarantine 14 days for crew and guests all arriving vessels.
Agents can bring new provisions on board.

ICELAND – Gyda – North Atlantic Agency
12/07/2020 Open – All tourists undergo a PCR test upon arrival.
Schengen rules apply. Technical calls are also open.
Further details. Contact your Agent.

INDIA – Aashim Mongia – Sea Waif
27/03/2020 We have a nationwide border closure with all airports closed.
Ports are open but crew are not allowed to go ashore. Yachts with Indian crew are being allowed to return to india but on arrival it is a 14 day quarantine.
All cruise ships and yachts visits are cancelled for all visiting vessels. At least till the 14th April and possibly longer.
All flights have stopped only a rescue flights operating departures per week.
Freight can still be sent and received but arrival times are slower than usual.
General domestic travel restricted as per movement control orders. Interstate travel only allowed if permission granted.

INDONESIA – Andy Shorten – Lighthouse Consultancy
Country closed. No tourist visas being issued.
Please contact your agent.
Bunkering + Provisioning permitted. Stop and Go.

ITALY  – San Remo – All Services – Naples Luise – Viareggio – Versilia
San Giorgio Shipping – Genoa
13/08/2020 Italian Ministry of Health has issued a new decree stating that everyone who comes from, or has visited Spain, Croatia, Greece and Malta during the 14 days before their arrival, has to be tested by swab and be found negative to be allowed to enter Italy. Previous  restrictions on travel still apply.
– Any doubts Contact your agent.

JAMAICALannaman agency
16/10/2020 open for technical calls, allow receipt of spares, and facilitate crew changes

MADEIRA – Lino Ribeiro – JFM Shipping
13/07/2020 Yachts can now berth at Funchal port. No crew changes.
Crew in transit to come ashore not authorized, unless they have a negative covid test within the last 72 hours.
Yachts can now remain in port up to 48 hours.

MALAYSIA – Andrew Middleton – Super Yacht Support Asia
04/09/2020 Still closed for all visiting yachts.

Nash – Island Sailors    Abdullah – Maldive Yacht Support   Mohamed – Asia Pacific
09/09/2020 Maldives are open – check with your agent

MALTA – Pierre – Melita Marine 
05/06/2020 Transiting yachts with only crew on board, from countries outside Malta, are permitted with the objective of berthing in Maltese ports for the purpose of refuelling, repairs, servicing, flagging, customs procedures and other ancillary necessities.

MARSHALL ISLANDS  Damian Reimers – Marshall Islands Shipping Services –
03/09/2020 Yachts at this time are suspended from visiting the RMI until further notice.

MARTINIQUE Douglas Yacht Services
16/10/2020 If arriving from French islands or coming directly from EU:
Must provide attestation that nobody on board is sick and there has not been any contact with a
known COVID case in the past 14 days.
If arriving from all other areas:
Permission must be requested in advance
Negative rt PCR test from within 72 hours required for all on board

MAURITIUS – Noël – Seal Superyachts
05/10/2020 Port-Louis remains open except to Passenger ships.
No crew Changes, Bunkers and Provisions permitted.

19/03/2020 Mark Drewelow: C2C   We have full time YachtAid Global staff in Puerto Escondido , Oaxaca state Mexico.
Today they started self quarantine at home for all residents. Repots from main Mexican ports is business as usual. Entry and Clearance today in Cabo was business as usual.
20/03/2020 US and Mexico eliminating non essential travel at border.
2020.03.23 UPDATE Port Captains can not Clear a Vessel to a port that is oficially closed; can clear to Ensenada, and from there they call CBP and if they grant them access then they can clear to San Diego, Ca.

Acapulco –  Navieras Asociadas – Jorge +52 1 744 439 4639
25/05/2020 Closed to International Traffic.

Cabo San Lucas – Victor – Agencia Barreda
25/03/2020 we have been recieveing vessel in international navigation in the past days with no issues in Cabo, as long as health depatmetn official give vessel the ok that no one has sytoms,, on board. Imperative that vessel arrives and departs with same crew.
From IGY marina manager in Cabo San Lucas. The port is closed to all charter activities i.e. fishing charters, whale watching, cruising in the bay etc., however the port is still open to all vessels entering and departing the marina

Cancun – Miguel Pérez +52 19988452542.

Chiapas – Marina Chiapas manager, Memo, and his assistant, Rolf, for all the inbound and outbound clearance paperwork.
25/05/2020 Chiapas is open. Commercial Vessels can stay at anchor only.

Cozumel – David Estrella – – Verbal restriction from Harbor Master for a foreign vessels, but if is something required, must to send me in advance the requests with the following information:
Health conditions on board, Maritime health declaration, Crew list, ships particulars, ETA, estimated time of stay in the port.
This is in order to request the authorization for the arrival in Cozumel with International Health and Port authorities, after receive the answer from local authorities will notify accordingly.

Ensenada – Fito – Marina Coral
Since start of COVID-19 Ensenada has been operating with out any changes. Entry & exit paperwork either for International or cabotage navigation.
Also operate a shuttle from Ensenada – San Diego up to Marina del Rey.

Huatulco – Turismo Nautico – Martin +52-1-958-587-6072
25/05/2020 Vessels can be cleared at anchor; Requires quarantine

La Paz – Yolanda Espinoza – Econaviera
18/05/2020 Port is open for international clearance. No crew changes allowed.
Lockdown is extended to June 15th.
Recreational domestic navigation still not permitted.
National park Espiritu Santo remain closed
Auto isolation is permitted with no recreational activities.

25/05/2020 Manzanillo is open only for merchant vessels.

24/03/2020 Mazatlan no crew changes.

Puerto Vallarta – Juan Arias +52 1 322 205 3504
25/05/2020 – Port is open, No mandatory quarantine, with restrictions

MONACO – Mark – Catalano Shipping & Mélissa – Mathez Monaco
17/08/2020 – Arrival at Monaco :
The boat who are coming from another country than the EU area need to do the tests (PCR + Blood) for the crew and guests at the arrival of the boat and stay in quarantine until the reception of the results
A MDH (Maritime declaration of health must to be send to the authorities 48 hours before the arrival) please find enclosed a template
Same rules than France regarding the Guests, they are not legally allowed to go ashore if they don’t have a Stamp “In” or if they are not an EU Resident

29/04/2020 Open for international yacht arrivals

17/08/2020 Sanitary State of Emergency extended to 10th Sept 2020
Ports remain operative for commercial vessels on a case by case basis.
No Crew chages. No crew to leave v/l.

NAMIBIA – Mike Spencer – Ocean Liner Services
23/06/2020 Borders closed. Walvis Bay (Erongo Region) has transitioned to stage 3. International travel remains prohibited.
Contact your agent.

Amsterdam – Port Authority
Rotterdam – Port Authority
11/05/2020 Ports are open subject 24 hours notice and pre-approval

NEW CALEDONIA – Hervé – Noumea Yacht Service
28/07/2020 All borders continue closed flights suspended until 24th Oct. 2020.
Agency needs 7 days notice for transit vessels needing fuel or provisions.
No shore leave permitted.

NEW ZEALAND – Ben  37South – &- Alison – Integrated Marine
22/06/2020 Please contact your agent.
Entry for Yachts is on a case-by-case basis.
Enabling the entry of marine crew and others arriving at the maritime border, subject to satisfactory isolation and quarantine, when there is a compelling need for the vessel to travel to New Zealand, namely, delivery of vessel to a business (including superyachts and other vessels for refit and repair), emergency and humanitarian situations, crew changes.
Currently New Zealand’s borders are tightly restricted to almost all persons from other countries.
Some marine travellers, as well as case-by-case exceptions considered under specific categories.

07/10/2020 Closed. Fishing and cargo vessels only.

NORWAY – Arnfinn – Superyacht Services Norway
13/07/2020 Residents in EEA/Schengen countries can travel to Norway from 15th of July.  Please see travel advise. Check with your agent.
Yachts are welcome to cruise the fjords.
Crew are still allowed restricted shore leave after 10 days quarantine,counting from departure last foreign port.
Guests/tourists from outside of the EEA/Schengen countries may enter and depart Norway onboard the yacht.
They are however not allowed to put their feet ashore, but may use tenders and toys.

OMAN – Chacko Jose – KR Shipping
09/09/2020 Technical stops only. No one permitted ashore
Salalah. Bunkering, provision supply permitted.
All clearance done with no officials boarding.

01/07/2020 Closed. Fishing and cargo vessels only.

PANAMA Alex Risi Associated Yacht Services
21/10/2020 All incoming crewmembers via Panama Airport (Tocumen International Airport-PTY) will require to arrive Panama with a round trip ticket (could be refundable), have a Negative Covid-19 test (PCR or Antigen test) 48 hours or lessprior arriving Panama. Important to mention that the local Ministry of Health has installed at the Panama International Airport/Tocumen theree (3) Centers where PCR tests will be conducted (Randomly) at cost US$ 50.00.
All persons entering Panama via the International Airport must be prepared to pay immediately either in cash US Dollars or Visa/Master card (in case the PCR test is required by the Health inspector). No driver or agent is authized to enter the airport not even at the exit gate and if the person is not able to pay this amount at the Center, delays in several hours could be expected or even rejection to enter the country.
Incoming Yachts from International waters if we need to conduct crew changes, medical assistance or crew to come ashore we must send a nurse or doctor on board to conduct an Antigen test and wait results (about 10 minutes). Cost per each crewmember $ 50.00 plus $ 75.00 transportation (transportation charged only one time). If this service is required we need to know 24 hours prior arrival or more to make sure we have a nurse/doctor available in time.
NO PCR/Antigen results will be accepted from last port if it is over 48 hours prior arrival Panama.
Yachts that are for transit only, no need to do immigration, check In or Out are not required to arrive Panama with a PCR/Antigen test from last port.
As of Sunday October 25th Curfew is from 2300 hours to 0500 hours (everyday) and beaches will also re-open (groups / families of max 7 persons and beaches will close at 1600 hours everyday).
Pearl Islands – Will re-open too under same conditions mentioned above
SAN BLAS – Expecting to re-open first or second week of November this year.
Bocas del Toro – Is open
Coiba will re-open Monday October 26th and areas that can be used : GABUTE, RANCHERIA, PLAYA MACHETE, CANALES DE AFUERA AND COCOS
Areas authorized for diving are : CANALES DE AFUERA, RANCHERIA AND FRIJOLES (MAX 20 PERSONS). We must request approval and do payments to the Enviroment Authority (no less than 72 hours/weekdays).
All above will be subject to change (any moment) depending on the Covid-19 situation in Panama.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Angela  – Melanesian Yacht Services
12/07/2020 PNG will consider entry of vessels on a case by case request.
Contact your agent. It will be mandatory for:
Vessel to have completed 14 Day Quarantine prior to arrival at first port of call
All individuals Crew and Pax onboard tested negative for COVID within 14 days of entry into PNG
Exemptions to this ruling may be granted by the commissioner – but this will likely come with additional limitations
e.g no crew ashore, PNG Customs officer onboard etc
This will be at the discretion of officials and considered on a case by case request.

26/03/2020 Yachts not allowed to clear in, only forced call if they are coming from abroad and they must be under quarantine.
Peru has closed all international travel in and out of the country

PHILIPPINES Miguel – Asia Pacific Marine
22/05/2020 Philippines Closed looking to lift restrictions to allow Marine entry 05 June.

PORTUGAL – Paul or Andrew – Amundsen Marine & Yachtworld
20/10/2020 All ports and Marinas are open.
Contact your agent.

09/09/2020 Closed for foreign flagged vessels.

19/10/2020 currently closed to all visitors. No one is allowed ashore.
Only open for diving. Contact

SAMOA from Scott – Custom Logistics – Lock down – Closed
07/10/2020 Western Samoa – OPEN for  provision and fuel.
v/l must not stay or anchor. 10 days window needed for process to start and request disaster committee approval.

SEYCHELLES – Christophe – Hunt Deltel 
19/06/2020 open for Superyachts and Private Jets.
Permission needs to be sought in advance and the yacht must undergo 14 days quarantine prior to the crew being allowed to disembark.
Guests joining the yacht from private aircraft can undergo their quarantine aboard the yacht whilst cruising in Seychelles although they may not disembark on any inhabited islands during those first 14 days.

SINGAPORE –  Fang – Singapore Superyachts
25/06/2020 Singapore port is open.
Marinas are open. Contact your agent.
No crew changes.

07/10/2020 Closed. Fishing and cargo vessels only.

SOUTH AFRICA – Dave Elton – Del Shipping
05/06/2020  All borders will remain closed.
South African Seafarers will be permitted to embark or disembark vessels either in South Africa or Internationally.
Visiting yachts may be allowed with prior planning but not guaranteed.
13.08.2020 – IATA- Flights to South Africa are suspended until 31 August 2020.

SPAIN   Estela Barcelona     – Estela Palma
Ceuta – Strait Superyacht Las Palmas – Incargo
21/06/2020 Spain now open to Yachts with no requirement for quarantine.
Possibly liable to change and so We still advise contacting local agent.

SRI LANKA – Agent – Vin Ocean
09/09/2020 Technical stops only. No one permitted ashore

16/10/2020 Open to yachts Negative PCR tests must be done 72 hours prior to arrival.
An agent is required for all yacht entries, and pre approval MUST be requested.

16.10.2020 currently Closed to yachts.

ST. KITTS – Anthony – St Kitts Yacht Services
16/10/2020 Visiting Vessel can apply for permission to enter, which MAY be granted on a case by case basis,
with a 14 day quarantine being enforced upon arrival.

ST. LUCIA – Bens Yacht Services –
16/10/2020 open to international travelers.
ALL arrivals must have a negative rt PCR test from within the prior 7 days
Anyone arriving from outside the Caribbean bubble (or who have not been within the bubble for 21 days) must
quarantine for 14 days upon arrival
bubble includes: Anguilla, Antigua/Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, St. Kitts/Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

ST. MAARTEN – Kass – Dockside   & Lucille – BWA
16/10/2020 St Maarten is open to arriving Vessels
All arrivals require Negative rt PCR test from within 120 hours of DEPARTURE from last port (no quarantine) OR Test within 24 hours of arrival (quarantine until negative results received)
Vessel must have agent to enter St Maarten.

Grenadines – Erika’s – Heather Grant 
14/10/2020 Sea entry is only permitted at Kingstown, Blue Lagoon and Wallilabou. 5 days advance notice of arrival. required.
Entry regulations depend on your country of departure, most importantly, where you have been for the past 14 days.
Sandy Lane Marina remains open.
In most cases, a recent PCR test is required before entry.
At the discretion of the Port Health Officer, another test might be necessary, with quarantine until the result is back.
Guests arriving by private jet into Canouan must have a recent negative PCR test in hand, will be tested upon arrival at the airport, then can board their vessel, staying in quarantine until the test result is returned.
Most passengers arriving on a commercial flight must have a recent negative PCR test in hand, will be tested upon arrival at the airport, then will go into quarantine at a government approved hotel or house.
Contact your agent.

11/05/2020 Open to all vessels. Only EU crew allowed ashore.

THAILAND – Gordon Fernandes Asia Pacific
Also see Phuket Yacht Haven advise from Duncan McGregor – Eclipse Marine Asia AYSS associate.
04/09/2020 Country is still closed to arriving Yachts.
Thai Yachting Business Association pushing for an initiative to allow quarantine anchoring in Phuket.

07/10/2020 Closed. Fishing and cargo vessels only

TRINIDAD – Trump Yacht & Concierge Services –
05/10/2020 Trinidad’s borders are currently closed to non nationals.
There will be an update on 15 October 2020.

TUNISIA – Mark – S&D Yachts
24/06/2020 Air and Sea Borders Opening 27th June.
Contact your agent

TURKEY – Charlie – Gino Yachting
12/06/2020 No restriction on yacht arrival. No Restriction on crew.
No Restriction on crew changed.

16/10/2020 Open to international travelers.
All travelers must obtain pre authorization via the TCS Assured Portal
Travelers must have negative PCR test result, and the test must be taken within 5 days prior to travel
All arriving vessels must email

prior to arrival with yacht name and crew list

UAE  Mike – JLS – Superyacht Middle East  &  John – Kanoo Yacht
09/09/2020 Open to foreign flagged vessels.
Covid test on arrival and vessel clearance once the results are Negative.
Quarantine period only during the covid testing to negative result period. (12/24hrs)

UNITED KINGDOM – Anne Carson – Super Yacht Services Falmouth
17/06/2020 Ports are Open. Contact your agent. All arrivals must completet this form in advance.

URUGUAY  Agent JR WIlliams, Montevideo
2020.03.22 Uruguayan government is finalizing a procedure to allow disembarkation of passengers (only passengers as far as we know at the moment, not crew) which requires booked flights and a secure bus trip from vessel straight to airport. Any vessel including a superyacht can berth for provisioning/supplies/bunkers etc but nobody (passengers or crew) can get off the yacht. All clearance procedures are done remotely.

Mark Drewelow C2C
Kristi Chesher – BWA New England
Deb Radtke – American Yacht Agents
USSA Superyacht Corona Virus Resource Guide 
NOTE: Visa extensions – please file an I-539 extension of stay early. We are hearing 45 days processing time.
19/03/2020 California STAY AT HOME ORDER. state wide action in the USA
19/03/2020 The US State Dept today issued a level 4 travel advisory which is suggestion of NO TRAVEL.
They also said for all USA citizens to get back to USA asap or prepare for potential long duration stay out of the country.
20/03/2020 Change-3_Novel-Coronavirus.pdf    This is from the USCG regarding Covid-19 and vessels entering the US. Predominately regarding commercial traffic but will probably be modified to include yacht traffic.
20/03/2020 USA Department of State just announced they are suspending visa services at Embassies and Consulates world wide
20/03/2020 “As resources allow, embassies and consulates will continue to provide urgent and emergency visa services. Our overseas missions will resume routine visa services as soon as possible but are unable to provide a specific date at this time,” the department said in the advisory on Friday.

25/05/2020 Any arriving visitor has to self quarantine for 14 days. If they travel by boat they can use the time spent getting here (if they don’t stop) as part of the quarantine. Guests can fly in, joint the boat and serve their quarantine out cruising remote areas without restriction. There are some restrictions on visiting inhabited places while the quarantine clock is ticking.

American Samoa
01/07/2020 Closed. Fishing and cargo vessels only.

Ft Lauderdale
20/03/2020 Use of ROAM app is acceptable, and any non-US crew will then have to report in person.
27/03/2020 Arrived Fort Lauderdale with 18 crew, We departed Gib on March 12, and waited the full 14 days self quarantine before attempting to enter the US.
Additional to our ENOAD I remained in telephone contact with CBP supervisor and USCG in order to ensure we would be granted entry.
I submitted our temperature log before arrival, that seemed to appease the authorities.
Upon arrival it was business as usual, normal procedure to clear in. Took the crew to the seaport office in Eller drive.
02/04/2020 We are continuing to have vessels arrive in FL with no issues. And WPB and PEV have allowed me to present just passports with no face to face. That could change depending on officer.

Hawaii – Honolulu
14/07/2020 ex Norman Cheu, Cel: (808) 216-4790 Quarantine requirement with prior Covid-19 testing for out of State arrivals continuing to end of August.
Joining Crew can be transferred directly from the airport to Vessel and self-quarantine onboard. Crew repatriation permitted.
There is no plans as we know of now to close any ports in Hawaii.

San Diego Mark Drewelow C2C
07/04/2020 Business as usual with CBP marine entry and USCG concerns. C2C inc completed full CBP marine entry in San Diego with customs , immigration, agriculture for a smaller yacht less than 100 ft LOA USA flag. There are no issues working with CBP nor USCG

20/03/2020 Just cleared in to Savannah SYC Shipyard. Customs and immigration were business as usual as no cases in the area.
24/03/2020 Savannah, GA just issued a mandatory shelter in place directive. 24/03/2020 Savannah, GA just issued a mandatory shelter in place directive…
Thunderbolt Marine will stay open with a skeleton crew as an essential business.

09/04/2020 Jason – Lascasse Maritime Entering vessels are evaluated on a case-by-case basis depending on your recent itinerary & evidence of symptoms. No issues with CBP or USCG.

Puerto Rico
20/03/2020 Puerto Rico has some fairly strong measures but access and clearance still possible, much like SD I think
20/03/2020 Borders are still open in St Thomas and St John

STT – St Thomas – Rob Carlin St Thomas Cargo and Ship Service
Fully Open No Restrictions.

VANUATU – Justin – Seal Vanuatu
18/06/2020 Vanuatu closed. Foreign Yachts Are Not Permitted To arrive to any island or port, to be reviewed 11th July. Vanuatu is Covid-19 free.
In early April Catagory 5 Cyclone Harold made landfall in Vanuatu.
Seal and YAG will now just support local small NGO’s and government departments by providing funding and other advice/guidance as requested

VIETNAM – Allan- Yacht Agents Vietnam
28/06/2020 Still Closed until restrictions are lifted, which could be a considerable time as Govt, does not want to risk “importing” the virus.

07/10/2020 Closed. Fishing and cargo vessels only.